Erotic massages in London.


Tropical Paradise

Oranges will be warmed up to a pleasant temperature before your session. The masseuse will be rolling warm oranges all over your body, including legs, back, shoulders and neck, which feels amazing! The massage will be followed by nude body to body massage. This massage is especially popular during cold season.


Hot Stones Spa

Hot stone massage is used to help you relax and ease tense muscles throughout your body. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. Heat helps increase blood flow. Hot stones massage will be followed by a hot towel massage and then fully naked body to body massage. It’s truly an unforgettable experience.



An intimate massage technique that is used both to promote relaxation and to create a more intimate connection between partners through rhythmic breathing and sharing energy. Tantric massage combines sexual energy with traditional massage techniques. The idea behind Tantra massage is to awaken the seven energy centres known as chakras. These energy centres are located along the spine, and the masseuse will align these to release the energy stored within, which will allow blocked energy to unravel and flow throughout the body, starting at the base of the spine and rising throughout the rest of the body. Your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened as your body’s sensitivity gradually increases. Your entire body will be massaged, including particularly sensitive areas.



Nuru massage gives you a very sensual feeling. Special Nuru gel is used to give the best feeling. You will need to take a shower before and leave your body slightly wet, so the masseuse can slide easily all over your body and make the process more enjoyable.


Body to body

Body to Body massage is a spiritual connection that help you to clear your mind and get rid of the stress. The massage is done by the body of the masseuse and the hands. It is the experience that you will never forget. You will be given a full body massage with very sensual touches.



A sensual massage, like a tantric massage, is given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy and involves intentional arousal of the body. It is both a physical and an emotional experience. However, whereas the tantric massage can include certain ceremony and ritual, such as deep breathing and spiritual healing, the sensual massage concentrates more on giving the actual massage with arousal of the whole body.



Massaging prostate releases tremendous amount of emotional and physical stress. Coupled with stimulation of the penis or “lingam”, massaging prostate can be extremely pleasurable and healing to a man. The most direct way to massage man’s Sacred Spot is through his anus, however it can take time to adjust to being penetrated and it is not for every man. The benefits are many and the pleasure can be very intense.


Tie & Tease

I will tie you up, tease and please you. Blindfolded with your wrists and ankles tied up, will heighten your senses, while I will be teasing, tantalizing, and easing off, so you remain in that pleasurable state. Once I finally allow you to climax, your orgasm will be more intense and satisfying than ever, due to the tension that has built up.

Having your eyes covered and your body restrained, will add an element of surprise and anticipation, and every touch will feel extra


I will be using my hands and other objects during the session.

The release of sexual tension at the end of your session, will make you feel relaxed, invigorated, and will take your stress away.

If you been fantasizing about being tied up, Tie & Tease massage is a perfect steppingstone to start exploring.


Mutual massage

Mutual massage increases oxytocin in the body, which plays a role in affection and bonding. Oxytocin is released into the bloodstream as a hormone in response to love. This massage is a great way to develop intimacy, relieve stress. It will make you feel calm and relaxed.


Foot Fetish

According to Moushimi Ghose, there are plenty of people out there with a foot fetish who love to shower them with attention. "Having a foot fetish just means that you're turned on by feet, and the kink often involve a psychological element of domination and humiliation." Ghose says.



Lingam massage is primarily focussing on the male’s genitalia.

It will take you to the height of pleasure in a controlled and sensual way.

Lingam massage will make you feel like you are on cloud nine.


Hot Towels Foot Massage

Despite the fact that our feet are doing a lot of heavy lifting as we walk each day, they’re actually not getting much exercise from normal strolling. A simple foot massage can help by increasing blood flow to both the feet and legs, which then transports oxygen to the body’s cells for overall health. A foot massages provides relaxation, but surprisingly, it can also give an unexpected boost to your libido. A few minutes of gentle rubbing with scented oils can create a relaxed, sensual environment, and it’s been said that some points in the feet and ankles are energetically linked with the reproductive organs. 

Frequent foot massages have been shown to help reduce anxiety. This massage especially great during the cold season.



Try new horizons with your partner, add some spice to your relationship and experience something new and different. This massage is for couples who want to enjoy new erotic experience within their relationship and get out of daily routine. This can be a pleasing experience if you’re someone who gets an erotic buzz from watching your partner brought to climax by another woman. After the massage, you can also hop into the shower to refresh yourselves and enjoy even more time together. A unique experience will remain in your memory.

This massage is perfect for extra special birthday treat.